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A key component of the Center’s mission is to foster linkages and connect people across the University with an interest in the environment. The Center places a high priority on bringing faculty and students together with outside scholars via conferences and symposia, regular seminar and special lecture series, and informal student group meetings with visitors. The Center co-sponsors seminars and events organized by faculty members elsewhere at the University, as well as weekly meetings of student-organized groups like the Energy Journal Club and the Ecology Journal Club. HUCE is also host to a variety of faculty-organized weekly events such as the Climate, Atmosphere, and Ocean group’s weekly ClimaTea meeting and the Microbial Sciences Initiative’s Friday morning chalk-talks and seminars. All of these events have an academic purpose at their core and help to bridge an expanding environmental community at Harvard.

Biodiversity, Ecology, and Global Change

This series explores the ecological diversity of our living world, and how it is affected by global climate change. This series is relaunching in Fall 2015 as Ecological Systems in the Anthropocene.

China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development

China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development is a lecture series convened by the Harvard University Center for the Environment and the Harvard China Project. The objective of the series is to explore the challenges China is expected to face over the next two decades at the intersection of economic development, demands for energy, and environmental degradation including the potential impacts of climate change.

Ecological Systems in the Anthropocene

This series examines the future of social-environmental systems in a globe heavily impacted by humans. Each year the series will present a set of speakers and events (e.g., seminars, panels, debates) focused on one perspective under this theme.

Energy Materials at Harvard

Adapting current energy systems to reduce fossil fuel dependence and minimize impacts on climate, environment, and health is the grand challenge we face today. New materials are of crucial importance for meeting this goal. Materials are central to every energy technology, and advances in materials science can help raise energy efficiencies and resolve emissions problems. Harvard researchers work across disciplines to develop sustainable energy science technologies to ultimately address global climate challenges and reduce energy costs.

Future of Energy

Finding a secure, safe, and reliable source of energy to power world economic growth will be one of the great challenges of this century. The Harvard University Center for the Environment invites the Harvard community to take up the challenge by participating in this ongoing series of discussions. Support for the Future of Energy speaker series is generously provided by Bank of America.

Future of Food: Climate, Crops, and Consequences

Understanding the challenges associated with reliably providing food and nutrition in the context of a growing population and changing climate is integral when considering the global food system. The Future of Food Lecture Series, organized by the Harvard University Center for the Environment, highlights the interactions between agriculture and climate and their consequences for health and stability in an ongoing series of discussions with speakers from government, academia, and industry. 

Geoengineering: Science and Governance

This seminar series, held jointly by the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) and MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, explores the science, technology, governance and ethics of solar geoengineering. In bringing together international experts, participants learn some of the greatest challenges and hear opinions on how this technology could and should be managed.

Green Conversations

The Green Conversations lecture series brings energy and environmental experts to campus for a brief presentation and public discussion with Harvard faculty members.

Harvard Climate Week

A weeklong series of events across all of Harvard's Schools to explore the many dimensions of climate change.

Science and Democracy

Once a semester, the Program on Science, Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School, with co-sponsorship from HUCE and other local institutions, hosts a discussion in its Science and Democracy Lecture Series. The series aims to spark lively, university-wide discussion of the place and meaning of science and technology, broadly conceived, in democratic societies. It hopes to explore both the promised benefits of our era’s most salient scientific and technological breakthroughs and the potentially harmful consequences of developments that are inadequately understood, debated, or managed by politicians, institutions, and lay publics.

Special Symposia

Each academic year, HUCE hosts a number of conferences, workshops, and major public lectures.

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