Faculty Associates

Robin Wordsworth

Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering


Office: Geological Museum 428, 24 Oxford Street
Email: rwordsworth@seas.harvard.edu
Assistant: Gladys Prins (617) 384-8069

Web: seas.harvard.edu/directory/rwordsworth

Research Interests: 

Professor Wordsworth’s research is focused on the processes that shape planetary climate and habitability, both in the Solar System and around other stars. Currently active research topics include the nature of Mars’ atmosphere and hydrological cycle during the late Noachian (ca. 3-4 billion years ago), the rate of water loss from Earth and Venus soon after their formation, and the extent to which molecules like O2 can be treated as markers for carbon-based life in the atmospheres of rocky planets around other stars. 

Research Areas: 

Harvard University
Center for the Environment

Address: 26 Oxford Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge
Email: huce@environment.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 495-0368

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