Current Fellows

Marie-Abèle Bind -
Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2014-2016
Sc.D Environmental Health and Biostatistics, Harvard University School of Public Health
Faculty Host: Donald Rubin, Department of Statistics

Marie-Abèle Bind is an environmental biostatistician interested in health effects from environmental exposures.

Tim Cronin -
NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellow: 2014-2016
Ph.D. Climate Physics and Chemistry, MIT
Faculty Host: Eli Tziperman, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Tim Cronin is a climate scientist interested in the interactions between clouds, sea ice, and severe storms in a warmer Arctic.

Sebastian D. Eastham -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
Faculty Host: Daniel Jacob, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Sebastian Eastham is an environmental scientist interested in the transport and impacts of pollutants and trace species over long distances through the atmosphere.

Evan Herrnstadt -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D Economics, University of Michigan
Faculty Host: Ariel Pakes, Department of Economics

Evan Herrnstadt is an economist interested in the design and performance of energy and natural resource markets.

Melissa E. Kemp -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D Biology, Stanford University
Faculty Host: Jonathan Losos, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Melissa Kemp is an evolutionary biologist who uses the fossil record and historical data to investigate species responses to global change phenomena.

Brian Lander -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D East Asian Languages and Literatures, Columbia University
Faculty Host: Rowan Flad, Department of Anthropology

Brian Lander employs textual, archaeological and paleoecological sources to study the human impact on the environment in ancient China.

Daniel Madigan -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D Biology, Stanford University
Faculty Host: James J. McCarthy, Elsie Sunderland, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology; School of Public Health

Dan Madigan is a marine ecologist interested in the interaction between pelagic ecology, contaminant transfer in food webs, fisheries, and anthropogenic environmental change.

Laura J. Martin -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D Natural Resources, Cornell University
Faculty Host: Peter L. Galison, Department of the History of Science

Laura Jane Martin is a historian and ecologist who studies the cultural and political dimensions of ecological management.

Zoe Nyssa -
Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2014-2016
Ph.D. Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science, University of Chicago
Faculty Host: Sheila Jasanoff, Program on Science, Technology and Society, Harvard Kennedy School

Zoe Nyssa studies the emergence and contemporary practices of conservation biology in order evaluate their impact globally on endangered species.

Gillian Osborne -
Environmental Fellow: 2015-2017
Ph.D English, University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Host: James Engell, Department of English

Gillian Osborne is a literary scholar interested in nineteenth-century American and Romantic literature, the history of popular botany, and contemporary ecopoetics.

Yige Zhang -
Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2014-2016
Ph.D. Geology and Geophysics, Yale University
Faculty Host: Ann Pearson, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Yige Zhang is a geochemist interested in understanding how the Earth evolved chemically, and using various geochemical tools to study climate change of the geological past.

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