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Danielle Medek

Danielle Medek
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Environmental Fellow: 2013-2015

Danielle Medek is an ecophysiologist, with interests in medicine, plant ecophysiology and global change.

Danielle received a BSc from the University of Queensland in Botany and Ecology. Her Ph.D., from the Australian National University, explored cold tolerance in subantarctic grasses, and suggested trade-offs between nitrogen use efficiency and hydraulic safety in cold environments. After a postdoctoral fellowship relating these findings to Australian heathland plants, Danielle embarked on a medical degree (MBBS), also at the Australian National University. During her degree work, she has been focusing on, and advocating for, the health of Indigenous Australians, while also researching the impacts of climate on seasonal pollen and allergic disease.

As an Environmental Fellow, Danielle will be working with Samuel Myers at the Harvard School of Public Health to investigate the effects of climate change on human nutrition. In particular, she will focus on how rising CO2 may influence crop nutrient content and thereby the global burden of disease from nutrient deficiency.