Monday, March 20, 2017 - 3:00pm
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Geological Lecture Hall (100), 24 Oxford St., Cambridge

OEB Special Seminar

Rasmus Nielsen, Center for Theoretical Evolutionary Genomics, University of California, Berkeley, will discuss "Genomic Signatures of Adaptive Introgression."

Abstract: Adaptive introgression is the transfer of beneficial alleles from one species to another through interbreeding. It is increasingly being recognized as an important process in evolutionary biology. I will discuss methods and theory relating to the identification of introgression, in particular the length distribution of introgressed fragments and patterns of linkage disequilibrium caused by introgression. I will also discuss several instances of adaptive introgression in humans, including altitude adaption in Tibet and cold adaption in Greenland. 

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Wendy Heywood

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Harvard University
Center for the Environment

Address: 26 Oxford Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge
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