Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Arctic Security: Conflict Prevention in the High North

Paula Dobriansky, Former US Ambassador and FDP Senior Fellow; David Balton, former US Ambassador; and Fran Ulmer, former Chair of the Arctic Research Commission and Belfer Center Fellow, will examine key countries’ economic and national security interests in the Arctic region and the role of the rule of law in preventing conflict alongside critical questions of governance to balance environmental, economic, and security concerns.

As the Polar/Arctic Sea Ice recedes, the Arctic is increasingly becoming an arena for great power competition: China is Advancing its "Polar Silk Road," while Russia continues to pursue legal, military and commercial avenues to exploit the geostrategic advantages Arctic waters could offer it in the future. Where for decades the Arctic was described as "high north, low tension," these realities are forcing a shift in strategic thinking within NATO, particularly among member states adjacent to the Arctic and party to multilateral governance structures in the North, like the Arctic Council, whose parameters don’t address military security questions. Other, non-Arctic actors, including Singapore, Japan and the European Union, alongside key individual members states have also developed their own strategies on the Arctic.

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