Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm
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Harvard Forest, 324 North Main St., Petersham

Hemlock Hospice Art Exhibition Opening

The Harvard Forest will host an opening reception for Harvard Forest Bullard Fellow David Buckley Borden’s Hemlock Hospice installation on the Prospect Hill Tract and his parallel exhibition of prints, drawings, and sculptures in the Fisher Museum.

David Buckley Borden is an interdisciplinary artist and designer in residence at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA, collaborating with world-class ecologists on interdisciplinary art-science communication projects involving landscape installations and arts-based interpretive trail design.

Hemlock Hospice is an art-science collaboration with Harvard Forest Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison that features innovative art installed along a new interpretative trail. Eastern hemlock, the foundation tree in our eastern forests, is slowly vanishing from North America as it is weakened and killed by a small insect, the hemlock woolly adelgid. Hemlock Hospice blends science, art, and design in respecting hemlock and its ecological role as a foundation forest species; promoting an understanding of the adelgid; and encouraging empathetic conversations among all the sustainers of and caregivers for our forests—ecologists and artists, foresters and journalists, naturalists and citizens—while fostering social cohesion around ecological issues.

Hemlock Hospice is more than an art-science collaboration; it is also an educational initiative. Associated public workshops and print and social media are available to promote reflection, critical thinking, and creativity among scientists, artists, educators, humanists, and the general public. A diverse group of media partners will bring the concepts to a broad range of people in and outside the arts and sciences.

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