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The Working Group for Sustainable Cities at Harvard University is a cross-disciplinary offering that brings together the faculties of Harvard (professors and students) and industry leaders. The group will develop new ways of understanding and approaching economic, social, and environmental sustainability as it relates to urban regeneration.

WGSC has been set up as a learning center at Harvard, one that will provide a case study experience where students will study U.S. and other cities and feed knowledge back to a sustainability knowledge platform, shared by the University and the community. Our case studies gather relevant data and materials from a range of disciplines, including urban development, environment, sociology, public policy and health, religion, gender and cultural studies.


The Working Group seeks to achieve sustainability in United States cities by:
   · Developing our understanding of sustainability in the context of economies, local
     communities, and the environment;
   · Acting as a bridge to the outside world by encouraging cross-fertilization
     between practice and academia, so that U.S. city leaders may begin to apply
     sustainability best practices in the field;
   · Creating and implementing information tools to allow Harvard to serve as an
     objective resource for addressing climate change, improving all facets of urban
     life, and engaging the University community in solving issues of urban
     sustainability; and
   · Focusing on rebuilding American cities and fostering “good city” development as
     we re-envision the U.S. infrastructure for the 21st century.


WGSC seeks to be the hub of a global, constantly evolving, cross-sector network of professionals, academics, students, politicians, and local communities, working in synergy to develop the practice and implementation of urban sustainability.


Launched in 2008, WGSC is evolving and its network continues to be developed. There is already significant commitment and interest in the concept from centres and schools around Harvard, as well as a varied body of professionals around the world who will contribute industry expertise.

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