Rafael Jaramillo

    Rafael Jaramillo

    Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2009-2011
    PhD Experimental Physics, University of Chicago, 2008
    Current Position: Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, MIT

    Rafael Jaramillo is a solid state physicist who feels an imperative to work to develop sources of energy for our economy that are sufficient, safe, and renewable. As a physicist with an engineering background he also has deep interests in the science that it will take to achieve this goal.

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    Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson

    Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2006-2008
    PhD Physics, Harvard University, 2005
    Current Position: Founder, Plotly

    Alex Johnson is a physicist who will use his experimental and theoretical skills to design, build, and test a new generation of fuel cells that might be used to power portable electronics or cars.... Read more about Alex Johnson

    Alison Frank Johnson.

    Alison Frank Johnson

    Professor of History and of Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Affiliate of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Chair of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

    Research Interests

    Social history, economic development, and environmental change; environmental history of the Adriatic and of the Alps; the...

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    Center for European Studies, 404
    Jacob Krich

    Jacob Krich

    Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2009-2011
    PhD Physics, Harvard University
    Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Ottawa

    Jacob Krich is a theoretical condensed matter physicist interested in the quantum mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale, and especially on applications of these properties to clean energy science.... Read more about Jacob Krich

    Elizabeth Landis

    Elizabeth Landis

    Henson Environmental Fellow: 2010-2012
    PhD Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
    Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, College of the Holy Cross

    Beth Landis is a materials chemist who is interested in applying surface chemistry to solar energy collection and storage.... Read more about Elizabeth Landis

    Chiara Lo Prete

    Chiara Lo Prete

    Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2012-2014
    PhD Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
    Current Position: Associate Professor of Energy Economics, The Pennsylvania State University

    Chiara Lo Prete is an energy economist who studies issues involved in the design and regulation of electricity markets.... Read more about Chiara Lo Prete