John Shaw

    John Shaw

    Harry C. Dudley Professor of Structural & Economic Geology
    Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering
    Chair, Board of Directors, Southern California Earthquake Center

    Research Interests

    Energy exploration, production methods, and environmental impact assessments; Conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon...

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    20 Oxford St., Cambridge
    p: 617-495-8008
    Alexander Stine

    Alexander Stine

    Kernan Brothers Environmental Fellow: 2010-2012
    PhD Earth and Planetary Science, University of California-Berkeley
    Current Position: Associate Professor of Climate Sciences, San Francisco State University

    Alexander (Zan) Stine is a climate scientist interested in how to separate natural climate variability from human-induced climate change in the observational record.... Read more about Alexander Stine

    Dustin Tingley

    Dustin Tingley

    Professor of Government
    Deputy Vice Provost for Advances in Learning
    Faculty Director for the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning Research Group; Faculty Director for the Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching

    ​​​​​​Research Interests

    international relations, international political economy, and experimental approaches to political science

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    CGIS Knafel Building 212, 1737 Cambridge St.
    Roxanne Willis

    Roxanne Willis

    Beagle Environmental Fellow: 2006-2008
    PhD American Studies, Yale University
    Current Position: Therapist, Health and Healing Therapy

    Roxanne Willis is a scholar of American environmental history and literature who used her fellowship to write a scholarly book intended to reach a broad non-scholarly audience: "Alaska and the American Environmental Imagination."... Read more about Roxanne Willis