AFVS 160. Modernization in the Visual United States Environment, 1890-2035


  • Professor: John Stilgoe
  • Term: Spring
  • Days: T, Th
  • Time: 9:00-10:15
  • School: Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Course ID: 148176
  • Subject Area: Visual and Environmental Studies

Modernization of the US visual environment as directed by a nobility creating new images and perceptions of such themes as wilderness, flight, privacy, clothing, photography, feminism, status symbolism, and futurist manipulation as illustrated in print-media and other advertising enterprise.

Note: Offered jointly with the Graduate School of Design as HIS 4303. GSD students should enroll in this course via the GSD. Interested students must attend first meeting of class during shopping week to speak with instructor about course enrollment procedure.