E-PSCI 171. Structural Geology and Tectonics


  • Professor: John Shaw
  • Term: Spring
  • Days: T, Th
  • Time: 9:00-10:15AM
  • School: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Course ID: 112745
  • Subject Area: Earth & Planetary Sciences


An introduction to the deformation of Earth materials, including the processes of mountain building and plate tectonics, faulting and earthquakes, folding, and ductile deformation. Structures are examined using geologic maps, balanced cross sections, seismic reflection data, satellite imagery, microscopic analysis, analog experiments, and numerical methods. Labs emphasize the applications of structural geology in the energy and environmental industries, and for assessing earthquake hazards.

Course Notes: Course includes a weekly three-hour lab to be arranged and one field trip. This course fulfills the EPS sub-discipline requirement of Geology, Geophysics and Planetary Science. Given in alternate years.

Recommended Prep: EPS 10 or EPS 55, an equivalent course, or permission of the instructor.