E-PSCI 53. Marine Geochemistry


  • Professor: David T. Johnston
  • Term: Fall
  • Days: M, W
  • Time: 10:30-11:45AM
  • School: Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Course ID: 126174
  • Subject Area: Earth and Planetary Sciences

An introduction to low temperature biogeochemistry. We will focus on key biogeochemical elements and look to understand the linkages between the biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. The course begins with a description of marine geochemistry (alkalinity and chemical fluxes) and works toward understanding isotopic fractionation and what it can tell us about the environment. We will explore biogeochemistry over a range of physical and temporal scales.

Note: This course includes a weekly two-hour lab to be arranged and prepares students for EPS 187. This course fulfills the EPS sub-discipline requirement of either Oceans and Atmosphere(s) or Earth History and Geobiology.

Prerequisite: A course in college chemistry is recommended.