EH 263. Analytical Methods and Exposure Assessment


  • Professor: Gary Adamkiewicz, Jamie Hart
  • Term: Spring
  • Days: T, Th
  • Time: 3:45-5:15PM
  • School: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Course ID: 190191

This course will examine methodological issues associated with the design and execution of studies designed to measure environmental exposure to chemical and biological contaminants. The first half of the course will be lecture based, and will address topics such as: study design issues, implementation of quality control/ quality assurance programs, data analysis, protocols for sampling air, water, sediments, and soil for contaminants of concern, and analytical techniques used to measure chemical and biological constituents in the laboratory. During the second half of the semester, groups of students will design and execute their own field investigation using these techniques. The design and results of these projects are presented in class.

Course restricted: Environmental Health students (or instructor permission)

Note: This course has priority enrollment.