ENVR E-117: Sustainability Leadership for the Twenty-First Century


  • Professor: John Spengler, Leith Sharp
  • Term: Fall
  • Days: M
  • Time: 7:20-9:20PM
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 13543

This course aims to inspire and enable students to lead effective change toward environmental sustainability in a variety of organizational contexts (education, business, government, nonprofit, church, community). The course explores what change leadership for sustainability is and guides students to advance their related capabilities, competencies, and strategies. The personal, interpersonal, organizational, and infrastructural dimensions of change leadership for sustainability are addressed. A variety of specific case studies and examples of sustainability in practice, including everything from green building design and renewable energy to environmental purchasing, are explored. Interdependencies between finance, politics, relationships, cognitive processes, capacity building, and technology are discussed. Students leave the course with a deeper experiential knowledge of change management because they are required to complete a project involving a real life change leadership project of their choice. In a world lacking adequate political, judicial, and media leadership we can and must take leadership where we work and live, transforming our organizations en masse, fueling change at all levels of society. This course is designed to empower and prepare anyone who is willing to join in the collective effort to steer our society back on course towards a just and sustainable future.

Note: This course meets via live web conference. Students must attend and participate at the scheduled meeting time. Along with the web-conference meetings, it includes an intensive—and mandatory—weekend residency. Students must be present for the entire on-campus weekend session to earn credit for the course. The course begins via web conference during the first week of the term, and continues to meet throughout the term. Please see the course website or syllabus for the specific two-hour course meeting dates. Tuition does not include hotel accommodations, transportation, or meals for the on-campus weekend session. See Visiting Campus and Finding Housing for information about visiting Cambridge. International Students seeimportant visa information.