ENVR E-125B Reconstruction of Environmental Governance


  • Professor: Rick Reibstein
  • Term: Spring
  • Days: T
  • Time: 7:20-9:20pm
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 25698
  • Subject Area: Environmental Science and Public Policy

The dismantling of programs has been a dominant aspect of US environmental policy since 2017 and has had substantial negative impacts. How can the system be restored and function better than before? This course engages those who would participate in establishing sensible systems to protect the public interest in a sustainable world, as members of both the regulated and affected communities. Whether directly or indirectly, remaking the world through sustainability and shaping the law so that we can survive and prosper is of the utmost importance to everyone. Opportunities abound to learn from decades of environmental, public health, resource use, and corporate and consumer law so government actions can be more efficient and effective in guiding market forces to be confluent with the public need. Regulations can be redesigned to encourage preventive practices and government action can foster cooperative initiatives. Liability rules can be adjusted to reward responsibility and deter harmful actions, and the expansion of the right to know can incentivize safer production and commerce. Coordinated research and development can accelerate technological progress.

Note: This course meets via live web conference. Students must attend and participate at the scheduled meeting time.