ENVR E-166A. Wetland Science and Policy


  • Professor: Jennifer Cole
  • Term: Spring
  • Days: T
  • Time: 5:50-7:50
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 25943

This course is intended for students interested in geological, hydrologic, biological, and social sciences with an specific focus on wetland environments and resources. In this course, students gain an interdisciplinary overview of physicochemical, biological, and cultural aspects of wetlands. We cover definitions, classification systems, origins, and natural processes of wetland environments. We discuss wetlands across the globe, including in boreal, temperate, and tropical climates. We investigate hydrology, soils, and vegetation and their relationship to ecosystem processes, societal values, and management. We examine human use, modification, exploitation, jurisdictional delineation, and management options, along with legal and political aspects of wetlands. This is a broad course, encompassing forestry, coastal management, energy, climate change, agriculture, history, and ecosystem succession, in addition to the areas listed above.