ENVR E-174. Transportation and Sustainability


  • Professor: Eric Plosky, James Maughan
  • Term: Fall
  • Days: W
  • Time: 7:20-9:20PM
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 16088

This course focuses on transportation's role in sustainability. We examine the interplay of transportation and the structure of society, including topics such as the economy, the environment, land use, politics, technology, funding, policy, and history. Changes now occurring on the national and global levels are explored through lectures, readings, and student presentations. From a sustainability perspective, the nexus of energy consumption, vehicle emissions, climate change, and air quality are explored to understand the impacts of various forms of transportation, and the potential utilization of emerging technologies and new policies and institutional structures to dramatically improve results. Looking beyond current practices, we also explore how shifts in consumer habits are reshaping transportation networks, and the infrastructure barriers that we must address. Finally, we examine the role of legal and regulatory actions on transportation/environmental relationships at the state and federal levels, and how future standards could be utilized to advance sustainability.