ENVR E-598 Sustainability Precapstone Tutorial


  • Professor: Mark Leighton, Richard Wetzler
  • Term: Spring, Fall
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 15667
  • Subject Area: Environmental Science and Engineering

This tutorial helps students develop an academically strong capstone proposal. It is mandatory for candidates in the Master of Liberal Arts, sustainability who wish to register for the ENVR E-599 in the 2020 spring term. The tutorial provides an essential ramp to the capstone course, mapping critical issues of research design (scope, methodology, metrics for evaluating impact, and bench-marking) and allows the capstone course to begin with projects fully operational.

Note: This noncredit tutorial involves in-person, e-mail, and/or phone or web conference one-on-one advising sessions with the instructor with the goal of producing an approved capstone proposal by the end of the semester.

Prerequisites: Students must be in their penultimate semester as candidates in the Master of Liberal Arts, sustainability. They must be in good academic standing and in the process of completing all the requirements except the capstone. Students submit the pre-proposal to ALMcapstones@extension.harvard.edu between July 18 and August 1. Students who do not meet these requirements are dropped from the course. To obtain pre-proposal instructions, visit the capstone website.