ESE 137. Energy within Environmental Constraints


  • Professor: David Keith
  • Term: Fall
  • Day: M, W
  • Time: 10:30-11:45AM
  • School: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Course ID: 156215

This course provides a systematic introduction to the energy system for students in engineering and applied sciences. Students should gain a working understanding of the some of the most important energy technologies, from prime movers--gas turbines, steam cycles, and reciprocating engines--to secondary energies including fuel production and refining technologies and the electricity transmission and distribution system. The course aims at a systematic understanding of the energy system's environmental footprint as a tool to help students who will work to reduce it. Energy is a commodity. One cannot hope to re-shape the energy system to meet environmental constrains without a rough working understanding of energy markets--costs, prices and elasticities of supply and demand. So the course will integrate engineering economics and other applied social sciences into the treatment of energy technologies to enable a system's view of energy.

Recommended Prep: This course requires a solid foundation in high school level math, chemistry, and physics. Please contact the instructor for permission if you do not have formal prerequisites yet are keen to take the course and do have foundational skills.

Prerequisites: Math 1a; and Physical Sciences 11 (or equivalents).

Jointly Offered with: Harvard Kennedy School as IGA 416