ESE 162. Hydrology


  • Professor: Kaighin McColl
  • Term: Fall
  • Time: TBA
  • School: Faculty of Arts and Sciences | Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Course ID: 137573
  • Subject Area: Environmental Science and Engineering

This course provides an introduction to the global hydrologic cycle and relevant terrestrial and atmospheric processes. It covers the concepts of water and energy balance; atmospheric radiation, composition and circulation; precipitation formation; evaporation; vegetation transpiration; infiltration, storm runoff, and flood processes; groundwater flow and unsaturated zone processes; and snow processes.

Course Notes:

ESE 162 is also offered as Earth and Planetary Sciences 162. Students may not take both ESE 162 and Earth and Planetary Sciences 162 for credit. Undergraduate engineering students should enroll in ESE 162.

Recommended Prep:

Applied Mathematics 21a,b or Mathematics 21a,b; AND Applied Physics 50a,b, Physics 15a,b or Physical Sciences 12a,b.

Course Requirements:

Prerequisite: Math 21a and 21b (or equivalents); and Physical Sciences 12a (or equivalent)