HBS 1324. Risks, Opportunities, And Investments In The Era Of Climate Change (ROICC)


  • Professor: George Serafeim
  • Term: Fall
  • School: Harvard Business School
  • Course ID: 1324

There is broad scientific consensus that to avert the most catastrophic consequences from climate change we would need to limit global increase in temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius (2DS). To achieve this scenario there are multiple future carbon pathways with most of them pointing to the need to reach net zero emissions across many geographies approximately in the middle of the 21st century. This transition to net zero creates a host of risks and opportunities for organizations and their investors. Should this goal not be reached and inaction with respect to climate change prevail this will lead to increasing physical risks from natural disasters and changes in the natural environment.

The course examines holistically all these climate-related risks and opportunities, under different scenarios, with an emphasis on measuring, valuing, and designing data analytics, investment processes, products, and contracts through the lens of climate change.