IGA 140. Geopolitics, Human Rights, and the Future of Statecraft


  • Professor: Samantha Power
  • Term: Fall
  • Time: TBA
  • School: Harvard Kennedy School
  • Course ID: 207578

This course will examine the interplay of geopolitics and human rights, with a focus on how the changing dynamics of the international system are influencing the strategy and statecraft for confronting issues with major security and human consequences. We will probe how such factors as the rise of China, divisions within the U.N., and the challenges facing democracies have shaped international responses to past and present global challenges like climate change, Ebola, and the Syrian civil war. We will also look ahead to potential responses to emerging issues like cyber-interference. The course will use concrete cases to understand the factors behind successful crisis management or mitigation, asking what these lessons portend for the future, and for the actions of governments, NGOs, and activists.

Notes: Also offered by the Law School as 2235. Please note, priority registration is granted to HKS and HLS students, with minimal (if any) openings for cross-registrants.