IGA 408. Climate Disruption: Emerging Topics in Policy, Politics, and Technology of Climate Change


  • Professor: David Keith
  • Term: Spring
  • Day: T, Th
  • Time: 12:00-1:15PM
  • School: Harvard Kennedy School
  • Course ID: 170362

This interactive seminar on climate change aims to build community among Kennedy School students interested in emerging topics in climate policy, politics, and technology. The course combines two linked seminars. In the practitioner’s seminar, invited experts from academia, business, government, or civil society present in a format designed to foster interactivity with students. In the student seminar, small groups of students lead structured topical discussions or present their own work. Students are required to participate in choosing speakers and in preparing and moderating discussions in the practitioner’s seminar. Students will work in small groups to present their own work or prepare readings and lead a discussion in the student seminar. The scope may include anything relevant to climate policy and will be substantially determined by students. Topics that might be covered include, UN-FCCC negotiations, youth climate strikes, US climate politics, strategy of major ENGOs or energy companies, public perception, low-carbon innovation in energy supply or transportation, climate finance, solar, nuclear, carbon capture, carbon removal, and solar geoengineering.