MGMT E-5445. Eco-entrepreneurship


  • Professor: Alice Nichols
  • Term: Fall
  • Days: W
  • Time: 5:50-7:50PM
  • School: Harvard Extension School
  • Course ID: 16046

This course introduces the concepts and practices of sustainable development, clean technology, and energy management. These areas are explored from a global perspective as they affect current and future opportunities and challenges related to the design, development, and commercialization of sustainable products, services, technologies, and new business models. The course explores the nature of the triple bottom line—the simultaneous delivery of economic, social, and environmental value—and teaches students to apply models, tools, best practices, and frameworks to incorporate social and environmental dimensions into the identification and ethical exploitation of business opportunities. The course design enables future entrepreneurs to identify specific green opportunities, develop a business plan, and provide guidance on how to secure funding and put plans into operation.