Climate Week: "Building and Planning for Climate Change" with Kairos Shen

Wednesday, April 8 – "Building and Planning for Climate Change"
Kairos Shen, Director of Planning, Boston Redevelopment Authority

The Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities present: "Building and Planning for Climate Change" with Kairos Shen, Director of Planning, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Kairos Shen is the Director of Planning at the Boston Redevelopment Authority. He has served in this capacity since 2002 where he manages the BRA's planning division of which the basic functions are community planning, urban design, zoning, waterfront planning and infrastructure planning.

In 2008, Shen was appointed by the Mayor to be the Chief Planner for the City of Boston with the role of formulating a comprehensive long-term vision to guide the city's economic and physical development, and coordinating planning across city departments.

Kairos Shen has been intimately involved in many of Boston's most important planning efforts in the last ten years. During his tenure, he has overseen the development guidelines for the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the adoption of Boston's landmark green building zoning, the 10-year refurbishment of Fenway Park, the planning of the 1000-acre South Boston Waterfront Innovation District, and the implementation of Boston's $700 million Convention Center and Institute of Contemporary Art. In addition to undertaking and supervising many of the planning and design studies, Shen regularly participates in community meetings, which are essential to the success of any planning effort.

Mr. Shen is a graduate of Swarthmore College and has a Master of Architecture from MIT.