Environment@Harvard Archive

Volume 8, Issue 1

Spring 2016

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Feature Stories:

  • Moving Forward from COP21: Harvard experts discuss the significance of the global climate agreement
  • Solar's Place in Our Energy Future: Harvard faculty scrutinize the current and future prospects of solar energy

Volume 7, Issue 1

May 2015

Feature Stories:

  • Sizing up a new energy era: Harvard faculty assess the recent decline in oil prices and its environmental impacts
  • Finding poetry in nature: Harvard scholars explore the relationship between literature and the environment
  • Environment takes center stage: An interview with the A.R.T.’s Diane Paulus, Diane Borger and Ryan McKittrick

Volume 6, Issue 1

May 2014

Feature Stories:

  • Six Cities Study leaves clean air legacy
  • China 2035: Harvard faculty assess China's energy, economic, and environmental challenges
  • HUCE welcomes new cohort of Environmental Fellows
  • Introducing the new Secondary Field for Undergraduates
  • Climate change beyond 400 ppm

Volume 5, Issue 1

May 2013

Feature Stories:

  • Fighting for the Future - Activists and scholars debate the role of social movements in confronting climate change
  • Caring About Climate Close to Home - Harvard faculty poll the public to gauge energy perceptions
  • "Liking Trees Takes New Meaning - Social media's role at the Arnold Arboretum
  • Extreme Weather and Climate Change - An interview with three Harvard climate scientists
  • Relief Response to Climate Disasters - An interview with Harvard physicians expert in humanitarian responses to disasters

Volume 4, Issue 1

July 2012

Feature Stores:
  • Splitting Water to Save the Planet - powering the developing world's poor with an 'artificial leaf'
  • Destination: Antarctica - HUCE Director Dan Schrag retraces his journey to the south polar region
  • In Memoriam - a tribute to the late Professor Paul Epstein
  • A Conversation with Dean of Science Jeremy Bloxham

Volume 3, Issue 2

November 2011

Feature Stories:
  • Rising Seas, Rising Worries — Harvard researchers investigate Boston's watery future.  
  • Maine's Fox Islands Have Become a Clean Energy Lab for "Island Earth" — Harvard professor George Baker used wind power to transform the energy landscape of Vinalhaven Island.

Volume 3, Issue 1

February 2011

Feature Stories

  • The Rainmaker: In the Amazon, Gauging the Resilience of a Rainforest - Harvard researchers monitor Brazil's changing earth, wind and water.  
  • The EPA@40 - A December conference celebrated the history of the EPA and mapped the challenges ahead.

Volume 2, Issue 1

May 2010

Feature Stories:

  • Hope in Copenhagen? Economists and scientists reflect on the latest climate accord - and the path forward.
  • Food in the Balance - In the global battle against hunger, climate change introduces a host of new uncertainties.
  • Implications of a Nuclear Renaissance - Is nuclear power a viable source of energy for the future?

Volume 1, Issue 2

December 2009

Feature Stories:

  • Answers in the Ice - Harvard researchers probe frozen landscapes for clues to Earth's past and future.
  • History and the Fate of the Planet - Incorporating environmental perspectives, Harvard historians are reshaping their field.

Volume 1, Issue 1

May 2009

Feature Stories:

  • From the Gene to the Globe - An interview with Julio Frenk. 
  • A Future for Biofueld - The enduring question of biofuels is being put to test in offices and labs around the University.
  • Getting to Yes on Carbon - The Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements proposes post-Kyoto global strategies for reducing emissions.