HKS Climate Disruption Seminar


Thursday, November 12, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:15pm



Rebecca Dell, ClimateWorks Foundation, will give a talk.

Rebecca Dell, ClimateWorks Foundation, will give a talk.

These seminars are organized in close collaboration with the students in the Kennedy school course IGA-408, Climate Disruption: Emerging Topics in Policy, Politics, and Technology of Climate Change. In these practitioner seminars, invited experts and leaders from academia, business, government, or civil society present in a format designed to foster interactive engagement with students. Two or three students take the lead on organizing each seminar over the course of the semester, each of which typically includes statements or presentations by the invited speakers, and a segment of student-moderated Q&A.

Seminars are open to the Harvard community. If you're interested in attending the seminars, please email Selena Wallace ( to be added to an email list where you'll receive updated information on the seminars, topics and organization.

Selena Wallace