Weather Reports: The Climate of Now


Monday, October 25, 2021, 7:00pm to 8:30pm



Victoria Chang, poet, will present "The Climate of Grief."

Victoria Chang, poet, will present "The Climate of Grief."

Victoria Chang writes in her New York Times Notable Book of 2020, Obit, “I always knew that grief was something I could smell. But I didn’t know that it’s not actually a noun but a verb. That it moves.” After the deaths of her parents, she refused to write elegies; instead, Chang wrote poetic obituaries of the beautiful, broken world that surrounds her (many see them as love letters). How does poetry illuminate this time of uncertainty? How do we embrace grief and not look away from all that is breaking our hearts? What we thought was a pause is now a place, and grief is part of this place. 

Respondent: Jorie Graham, poet, Harvard English Department

Brian Kirbis of Theasophia will open the conversation with a tea pouring. Each conversation will be conducted online by Terry Tempest Williams, writer-in-residence at Harvard Divinity School.

This series is a Constellation Project in partnership with the Center of the Study of World ReligionsReligion and Public Life, and the Planetary Health Alliance.

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