HUCE Special Symposia

O Brave New World! Entering An Age of Climate Change Beyond 400ppm
May 5, 2014 :: Geological Lecture Hall

A half century ago on a Hawaiian mountaintop, atmospheric chemist Charles David Keeling used what was then a pioneering technology to make precise measurements of atmospheric CO2. The resulting “Keeling Curve” has documented nearly 50 years of CO2 accumulation and fluctuation tied to seasonal cycles, and has had a profound and lasting impact on the study of global climate change.

Today, the research of Charles David Keeling’s son, geochemist Ralph Keeling, continues to expand our knowledge of the factors influencing climate change. Join us for a special presentation with:

Ralph Keeling, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

with video commentary from Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice President

moderated by Daniel Schrag, Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment


Peak Water: What Happens When The Wells Go Dry?
November 1, 2013 :: Maxwell-Dworkian

Lester R. Brown is president of the Earth Policy Institute, an organization dedicated to building a sustainable future.


Climate Change and Social Action
February 11, 2013 :: Sanders Theatre

What is the role of social action in confronting climate change? What role can a grassroots environmental movement play in sustaining long-term action?  What can those concerned with climate change learn from other social movements?


Science & Advocacy: The Legacy of Silent Spring

September 27, 2012 :: Sanders Theatre

A gathering of environmental leaders from advocacy, journalism and academia to explore the legacy of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, and how science and advocacy interact in the face of our modern environmental challenges.


The EPA @ 40: Protecting the Environment and Our Communities

December 3, 2010 :: Ames Courtroom, Harvard Law School

A conference at Harvard University in honor of the 40th anniversary of the EPA sponsored by the Harvard University Center for the Environment, the Harvard Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Keynote Addresss
EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
Gina McCarthy, EPA Assistant Administrator, Office of Air and Radiation 

Panel I: A Legacy of Environmental Protection

Panel II: Global Problems, Local Solutions

Panel III: From Science to Policy

Panel IV: Confronting Climate

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