Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
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Sperry Room, Andover Hall, 45 Francis Ave., Cambridge

Indigenous Guardianship, Nature, and Peace: Holistic Being and Living

Religions and the Practice of Peace and Sustainability and Health Initiative for Net Positive Enterprise (SHINE) at MIT welcome Margarita Mora, Director of Partnerships, Nia Tero, and Indira S. Raimberdy, Executive Director, Peace Building Center.

About Margarita Mora: Margarita Mora has dedicated the past 16 years to devising and implementing strategies for supporting the efforts of indigenous peoples and communities to protect nature. She led Conservation International's Conservation Stewards Program, a pioneer in the conservation agreements model, and has been involved in setting fair deals in 19 countries around the globe. She is applying the lessons and experiences from this work to shape Nia Tero's approach to building partnerships with indigenous peoples worldwide. This involves supporting indigenous peoples self-determined vision to strengthen their culture, wisdom and nature. Margarita believes that if ecosystems that are vital for humanity's well-being are to thrive, the people who have sustained these places and are most knowledgeable about them must also thrive. She is a Conservation Fellow a the Mulago Foundation, a Director's Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, and an alumna of Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Focus of Margarita's talk: Margarita will provide an overview of indigenous guardianship and the need to use holistic approaches that do not split indigenous peoples' identity and culture from the management and protection of their territories. She will share experiences where indigenous peoples' efforts to strengthen guardianship over their territories has also led to them strengthening their culture and practices and to reducing conflict.

About Indira Raimberdieva: Between 1998 and 2008 Indira worked on main stream consensus building, meditation and preventive community empowerment with inter-ethnic cross-border communities located in the Ferghana Valley (area between Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). After many disappointments with main stream approaches to conflict, she started searching for solutions related to the human soul rather than infrastructure, laws and other external regulations. In 2008 Indira established the Peace Building Center, a non-governmental organization focused on in-depth exploration, revival and practical application of nomadic traditional cultures for conceptualization of spiritually-oriented models of development in post-Soviet society and peaceful culture based on conflict transformation.

Focus of Indira's talk: Indira will share a comparative analysis of indigenous culture and religious systems dominating Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, and will talk about the importance of indigenous culture as a coherent system of values and life practices that can enhance peace potential at both individual and collective levels.

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