Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Adam Cohen.

Research Interests

Nanofabrication, lasers, microfluidics, biochemistry.

Related Publications

J. Kralj, D. R. Hochbaum, A. D. Douglass, A. E. Cohen, "Electrical spiking in E. coli probed with a fluorescent voltage indicating protein," Science (2011)

Y. Tang and A. E. Cohen, "Enhanced enantioselectivity in excitation of chiral molecules by superchiral light," Science (2011)

Limits on fluorescence detected circular dichroism of single helicene molecules. (2009)

Environmental Courses

PS 1: Chemical Bonding, Energy, and Reactivity: An Introduction to the Physical Sciences
PS 10: Chemistry: A Microscopic Perspective on Molecules, Materials, and Life

Faculty Department

Chemistry & Chemical Biology; Physics


Magdalena Kenar (617) 496-8233

Contact Information

Mallinckrodt M115

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