Agnes Thorarinsdottir

Agnes Thorarinsdottir

Environmental Fellow: 2020-2022
PhD, Chemistry, Northwestern University
Agnes Thorarinsdottir

Agnes Thorarinsdottir is an inorganic chemist studying the physical and chemical properties of metal catalysts that facilitate the conversion of solar energy to chemical fuels under environmentally benign conditions.

Agnes earned a BS in Chemistry from the University of Iceland in 2015 and a PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University in 2019. Her doctoral work focused on manipulating the electronic structure of transition metal-based molecular compounds to design bioresponsive magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and to elucidate design principles for molecule-based magnets with high operating temperatures. While at Northwestern she served as the president of the Northwestern's Chemistry Honor Society Phi Lambda Upsilon and the vice-president of the student-led safety organization Research Safety Student Initiative, which she co-founded.

As an Environmental Fellow, Agnes will work with Professor Daniel Nocera from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Their work will focus on developing new sustainable catalysts for the solar-driven splitting of natural water into oxygen and hydrogen, and using spectroscopic techniques to study their electronic structures in operando conditions.

Faculty Host

Daniel G. Nocera, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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