Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson

Murray and Martha Ross Professor of Environmental Sciences; Harvard College Professor; Chair, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Ann Pearson

Research Interests

Carbon isotope biogeochemistry; compound-specific d13C and D14C analysis; global organic carbon cycle; microbial metabolism in anoxic marine systems; sources of carbon to marine sediments

Related Publications

Naafs BDA, Monteiro FM, Pearson A, Higgins MB, Pancost RD, Ridgwell A (2019) Fundamentally different global marine nitrogen cycling in response to severe ocean deoxygenation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 116, 24979-24984.


Elling FJ, Gottschalk J, Doeana KD, Kusch S, Hurley SJ, Pearson A (2019) Archaeal lipid biomarker constraints on the Paleocene-Eocene carbon isotope excursion. Nature Communications 10,4519,


Hurley SJ, Elling FJ, Könneke M, Buchwald C, Wankel SD, Santoro AE, Lipp JS, Hinrichs KU, Pearson A (2016) Ammonia oxidation rate affects thaumarchaeal lipid composition and the TEX86 temperature proxy.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 113, 7762-7767.

Faculty Department

  • Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • Organismic & Evolutionary Biology



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