A.R. Siders

A.R. Siders

HUCE Environmental Fellow: 2018-2019
PhD Environment and Resources, Stanford University
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Disaster Research Center, Biden School of Public Policy, Geography, University of Delaware
A.R. Siders

A.R. Siders is an interdisciplinary lawyer and scientist exploring the practice of coastal relocation as a strategy to adapt to global climate change.

Siders received her BA in biology in 2007, her JD in 2010 from Harvard University, and her PhD in 2018 from Stanford University. Her doctoral work used natural language processing and machine learning to explore concepts of adaptive capacity to climate change in social groups. Prior to Stanford, Siders served as a Presidential Management Fellow with the U.S. Navy, working on international engagement in Africa, Task Force Energy, and Task Force Climate Change, and as an Associate Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University, where she worked on post-Sandy recovery and storm hardening policies.

Siders worked with Jesse Keenan in the Graduate School of Design to evaluate the use of coastal relocation policies in US hazard mitigation and climate adaptation. Federally-sponsored coastal relocation programs have been widely used at small scales, but little work has evaluated the success of these programs, and evaluation of climate adaptation is a known challenge. Siders' goal is to develop an integrated assessment method to understand how relocation practices have affected local ecosystems, economies, risk profiles, and social justice. The insights and tools developed will inform our understanding of the effects of adaptation on coastal management and will aid practitioners in designing effective, equitable, and scaled-up relocation adaptation policies.


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