Bruno Carvalho

Bruno Carvalho

Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and African and African American Studies; Co-Director of the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative; Affiliated Professor in Urban Planning and Design at the Graduate School of Design
Bruno Carvalho

Research Interests

Ecological and socio-environmental dimensions of urbanization; cultural histories of cities from the early modern period to the present, with an emphasis on Brazil, and increasingly, on the porous boundaries between built environments and natural landscapes; sociospatial theories, ecological thought, environmental racism and justice; Latin America; and Amazonia

Recent Publications

"The Amazon Will Soon Burn Again" (Bruno Carvalho, The New York Times, 2020)


"We’re Turning the Amazon Into a Savannah(Bruno Carvalho and Carlos Nobre, The New York Times, 2020)


Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Contact Information

518 Boylston Hall

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