Charles Langmuir

Charles Langmuir

Higgins Professor of Geochemistry
Charles Langmuir

Research Interests

Solid earth geochemical cycle; petrology; volcanology; ocean ridges; convergent margins; ocean islands; composition and evolution of the earth's mantle

Related Publications

How to Build a Habitable Planet, Second Ed. (Princeton University Press, 2009)

Chemical systematics and hydrous melting of the mantle in Back-Arc Basins. (2006)

Origin of enriched ocean ridge basalts and implications for mantle dynamics. (2004)

A hydrous melting and fractionation model for mid-ocean ridge basalts: Application to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Azores. (2004)

The importance of water to oceanic melting regimes. (2003)

Faculty Department

Earth & Planetary Sciences


Origins of Life Initiative


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Hoffman 109

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