Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden

Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Planetary Health
Christopher Golden

Research Interests

Since 1999, he has been conducting ecological and public health research in Madagascar. Most broadly, he is interested in local people’s dependence on natural resources for obtaining adequate health. This interest has led to various studies into connections between marine and terrestrial wildlife consumption and the incidence of micronutrient deficiencies and the eco-epidemiology of infectious diseases given current trends in biodiversity loss and land use change. Beyond Madagascar, he has been leading a collaborative research program that evaluates the connections among climate change, fisheries management and ocean governance, and food security and human nutrition in coastal populations around the world. Given trends in mass fisheries declines, coral bleaching, and raising sea surface temperatures that will drive fisheries away from the Equator and toward the Poles, food-insecure populations across the globe will be deprived of a critical nutritional resource. His group tackles this subject by modeling potential health futures and determining what types of interventions may be able to buffer against these impacts.

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Environmental Courses

  • NUT 209. Seminars in Food Science, Technology, and Sustainability
  • ID 220: An Introduction to Planetary Health

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