Daniel G. Nocera

Daniel G. Nocera

Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy
Daniel G. Nocera

Research Interests

Chemical energy conversion, biologial energy conversion, chemosensing on the nanoscale, magnetic layered material

Professor Nocera has recently accomplished a solar fuels process that captures photosynthesis and he has constructed an artificial leaf, which uses sunlight to directly produce the solar fuels of hydrogen and oxygen from water with sunlight as the energy input. This discovery of artificial photosynthesis sets the stage for a storage mechanism for the large scale, distributed, deployment of solar energy.

Nocera has been an organizer to and primary author of four DOE Basic Research Need workshops: Hydrogen, Solar Energy, Energy Storage and Catalysis and he was a primary author of the Grand Challenges report (Directing Matter and Energy: Five Challenges for Science and the Imagination) to the DOE. He was also an author of the report to chart a course for energy research at MIT and he is a lead author on the MIT Study on the Future of Solar Energy.

Faculty Department

Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Lindsay Shepard 617-495-8904

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Mallinckrodt Chemistry Lab

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