Daniel Zizzamia

Daniel Zizzamia

Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2016-2018
PhD History, Montana State University
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Montana State University, Bozeman
Daniel Zizzamia

Daniel Zizzamia is a historian of the American West interested in the intersection of history and the Earth sciences in environmental politics and natural resource policy.

Daniel earned a BA (2005) and an MA (2007) in history from the University of Connecticut, and a PhD (2015) in history from Montana State University. His dissertation examined how the nineteenth and early twentieth century settlement of the United States West was affected by the material remains of its geologic history. While pursuing his PhD, Daniel also worked as a project manager and technical lead for the John Tyndall Correspondence Project, funded by the National Science Foundation.

As an Environmental Fellow, Daniel worked with Ian J. Miller of the Department of History. He worked to develop his dissertation into a book that explores how coal, scientific knowledge, industrial technologies, and religious belief combined to encourage Americans to imagine a West that was not perpetually arid, but rather naturally malleable. This project bridges the gap between scientific inquiry and historical research, and directly pertains to energy and climate policy. In order to generate knowledge that will help guide policy that is both scientifically sound and resonates with the public, Daniel was especially interested in working with faculty in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. He also began a project that focused on how the geologic history of North America was crucial to creating America's national parks and promoting western tourism.

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Ian J. Miller, Department of History

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