David Foster

David Foster

Senior Lecturer in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
David Foster

Research Interests

Plant ecology, landscape dynamics, conservation, and long-term studies of forest ecosystems

Related Publications

A Meeting of Land and Sea. Nature and the Future of Martha's Vineyard. Yale University Press. 2017.

Hemlock: A Forest Giant on the Edge. Edited by D. R. Foster. Yale University Press. 2014.

Survivors, not invaders, control forest development following simulated hurricane. 2013

Dynamics of long-lived foundation species: the history Quercus in south Scandinavia. 2013

Expanding the Integration and Application of Long-Term Ecological Research. 2012

The influence of land use and climate change on forest biomass and composition in Massachusetts, USA. 2011.

Predicting the impact of hemlock Woolly Adelgid on carbon dynamics of Eastern U.S. forests. 2010

Wildlands and Woodlands: A Vision for the New England Landscape. Harvard University Press. 2010.

Pre-emptive and salvage harvesting of New England forests: when doing nothing is a viable alternative. 2006.

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Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

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