Elisa New

Elisa New

Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature
Elisa New

Research Interests

American poetry; American Literature-1900; Religion and Literature; Jewish Literature

Related Publications

Magazine Articles

New, Elisa. "My Favorite Anti-Semite: Frank Norris And The Most Horrifying Jew In American Literature". Tablet 2013. Web. Article link

New, Elisa. "Last Acts: Philip Roth And Harold Bloom". Tablet 2012. Web. Article Link

Book Chapters

New, Elisa. "American Intersections". The Cambridge Handbook Of American Poetry. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming. Print.

New, Elisa. "Upon A Peak In Beinecke: The Beauty Of The Book In The Poetry Of Susan Howe". Aesthetic Dimensions Of American Literature. Ed. Cindy Weinstein & Christopher Looby. Columbia University Press, 2012. 440. Web. Publisher's Version

New, Elisa. "Beside Ourselves: Near, Neighboring And Next In Work Of Stanley Cavell". Stanley Cavell And Literary Studies: Consequences Of Skepticism . First. Ed. Richard Eldridge & Bernard Rhie. Bloomsbury, 2011. Web. Publisher's Version


New, Elisa. How To Read American Poetry. Wiley Blackwell, Forthcoming. Print.

New, Elisa. New England, Beyond Criticism: Rereading America's First Literature. Wiley Blackwell, Forthcoming. Print.

New, Elisa. Jacob's Cane: A Jewish Family'S Journey From The Four Lands Of Lithuania To The Ports Of London And Baltimore. First edition. Basic Books, 2009. Web. Website

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