Eric Jacobsen

Eric Jacobsen

Sheldon Emory Professor of Chemistry
Eric Jacobsen

Related Publications

Asymmetric Cooperative Catalysis of Strong Br├©nsted Acid–Promoted Reactions Using Chiral Ureas. (2010)

Enantioselective Pictet–Spengler-Type Cyclizations of Hydroxylactams: H-Bond Donor Catalysis by Anion Binding. (2007)

Cooperative Catalysis by Tertiary Amino-Thioureas: Mechanism and Basis for Enantioselectivity of Ketone Cyanosilylation. (2007)

a,b-Unsaturated b-Silyl Imide Substrates for Catalytic, Enantioselective Conjugate Additions: A Total Synthesis of (+)-Lactacystin and the Discovery of a New Proteasome Inhibitor. (2006)

Privileged Chiral Catalysts. (2003)

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Chemistry & Chemical Biology


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