Frank N. Keutsch

Frank N. Keutsch

Stonington Professor of Engineering and Atmospheric Science
Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Frank N. Keutsch

Research Interests

Research in the Keutsch group is aimed at improving our understanding of photochemical oxidation processes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that produce tropospheric ozone (O3) and are central to secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. O3 and aerosol affect human health and climate, and uncertainties in the radiative effects of aerosol comprise the largest uncertainties in current estimates of anthropogenic forcing of climate. Our scientific approach builds on enabling new field observations of key VOC oxidation intermediates (OVOCs) via instrumentation and method development.

Related Publications

Wolfe GM, Crounse JD, Parrish JD , St Clair JM, Beaver MR, Paulot, F, et al .. Photolysis, OH reactivity and ozone reactivity of a proxy for isoprene-derived hydroperoxyenals (HPALDs). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2012;14:7276-7286.

Digangi JP, Boyle ES, Karl T, Harley P, Turnipseed A, Kim S, et al.. First direct measurements of formaldehyde flux via eddy covariance: implications for missing in-canopy formaldehyde sources. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2011;11:10565-10578.

Yu G, Bayer AR, Galloway MM, Korshavn KJ, Fry CG, Keutsch FN. Glyoxal in Aqueous Ammonium Sulfate Solutions: Products, Kinetics and Hydration Effects. Environmental Science & Technology. 2011;45:6336-6342.

Galloway MM, Chhabra PS, Chan AW, H Surratt JD, Flagan RC, Seinfeld JH, et al.. Glyoxal uptake on ammonium sulphate seed aerosol: reaction products and reversibility of uptake under dark and irradiated conditions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2009;9:3331-3345.

Huisman AJ, Hottle JR, Coens KL, DiGangi JP, Galloway MM, Kammrath A, et al.. Laser-induced phosphorescence for the in situ detection of glyoxal at part per trillion mixing ratios. Analytical Chemistry. 2008;80:5884-5891.

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