Jacob Krich

Jacob Krich

Ziff Environmental Fellow: 2009-2011
PhD Physics, Harvard University
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Ottawa
Jacob Krich

Jacob Krich is a theoretical condensed matter physicist interested in the quantum mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale, and especially on applications of these properties to clean energy science.

Jacob is completing his PhD in physics at Harvard University, where he has explored the physics of devices being considered for use in advanced classical computers or quantum computers. He received his MMath from Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar, and his BA in physics from Swarthmore College. His PhD work has focused on the interplay of quantum mechanics and assorted types of disorder and randomness in the functioning of semiconductor devices, mostly at ultralow temperatures, fractions of a degree above absolute zero.

As a Ziff Environmental Fellow, Jacob worked with Alán Aspuru-Guzik of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology to understand the role of quantum mechanics in organic photovoltaic materials at room temperature. This work had the twin goals of explaining why these materials show quantum mechanical effects at such unusually high temperatures and of using these effects to optimize organic solar cell efficiency.

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Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

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