James G. Anderson

James G. Anderson

Philip S. Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry
James G. Anderson

Research Interests

Catalytic processes in the atmosphere controlling global change of ozone; development of laser systems from stratospheric and troposheric studies; development of high-altitude, long-duration unmanned aircraft for studies of global climate change.

Related Publications

Strategic Choices for Global Energy: Constraints from Feedbacks in the Climate System. (2009)

Climate signal detection times and constraints on climate benchmark accuracy requirements. (2008)

Infrared calibration for climate: A perspective on present and future high spectral resolution instruments. (2006)

Climate benchmarking using GNSS occultation. (2006)

Testing climate models using GPS radio occultation: A sensitivity analysis. (2006)

Environmental Courses

Earth and Planetary Sciences 135. Physics and Chemistry: In the Context of Energy and Climate at the Global and Molecular Level

*Earth and Planetary Sciences 330. Climate Atmospheric Chemistry and Free Radical Kinetics

  • PHYSCI 11. Foundations and Frontiers of Modern Chemistry: A Molecular and Global Perspective.
  • GENED 1167. Climate Crossroads
  • E-PSCI 330. Climate Atmospheric Chemistry and Free Radical Kinetics

Faculty Department

Chemistry & Chemical Biology


Lori Reck (617) 495-5922

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Mallinckrodt 270

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