James Stock

James Stock

Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy
James Stock

Research Interests

Professor Stock's research areas are macroeconomic forecasting, monetary policy, econometric methods, and environmental policy

Related Publications

Mavroeidis S, Plagborg-Moller M, Stock J. Empirical Evidence on Inflation Expectations in the New Keynesian Phillips Curve. Journal of Economics Literature. 2014;52(1):124-188.

Stock J, Watson MW. Estimating Turning Points Using Large Data Sets. Journal of Econometrics. 2014;178:368-381.

Kaufmann R, Kauppi H, Mann M, Stock J. Does Temperature Contain a Stochastic Trend: Linking Statistical Results to Physical Mechanisms. Climatic Change. 2013;118(3-4):729-743.

Bates B, Plagborg-Moller M, Stock J, Watson MW. Consistent Factor Estimation in Dynamic Factor Models with Structural Instability. Journal of Econometrics. 2013;177:289-304.

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Littauer Center M-27

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