Joanna Aizenberg

Joanna Aizenberg

Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology; Co-Director of the Master in Design Engineering Program
Joanna Aizenberg

Research Interests

Biomineralization, environment-responsive materials, non-fouling coatings, catalysis, sustainable buildings, clean air, vapor sensing technologies

Related Publications

Shirman, T.; Toops, T.J.; Shirman, E.; Shneidman, A.V.; Liu, S.; Gurkin, K.; Alvarenga, J.; Lewandowski, M.P.; Aizenberg, M.; Aizenberg, J. “Raspberry colloid-templated approach for the synthesis of palladium-based oxidation catalysts with enhanced hydrothermal stability and low-temperature activity”, Catalysis Today, 2021, 360, 241-251.


Adera, S.; Naworski, L.; Davitt, A.; Mandsberg, N.K.; Shneidman, A.V.; Alvarenga, J.; Aizenberg, J. “Enhanced Phase-Change Condensation Using Inverse Opals”, Sci Rep, 2021, 11, 10675


Tomholt, L.; Geletina, O; Alvarenga, J.; Shneidman, A.V.; Weaver, J.C.;  Fernandes, M.C.; Mota, S.A.; Bechthold, M.; Aizenberg, J. “Tunable infrared transmission for energy-efficient pneumatic building façades”, Energy and Buildings,  2020, 226, 110377


Hinz, K.; Alvarenga, J.; Kim, P.; Park, D.; Aizenberg, J.; Bechthold, M. “Pneumatically adaptive light modulation system (PALMS) for buildings”, Mater. Design 2018, 152, 156-167.


Shirman, E.; Shirman, T.; Shneidman, A. V.; Grinthal, A.; Phillips, K. R.; Whelan, H.; Bulger, E.; Abramovitch, M.; Patil, J.; Nevarez, R.; Aizenberg, J. “Modular Design of Advanced Catalytic Materials Using Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Raspberry Particles”, Adv. Func. Mater. 2018, 28: 1704559.


Amini, S.; Kolle, S.; Petrone, L.;  Ahanotu, O.; Sunny, S.; Sutanto, C. N.; Hoon, S.; Cohen, L.; Weaver, J. C.; Aizenberg, J.; Vogel, N., Miserez, A. “Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials”, Science 2017, 357 (6352), 668-673.


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Park, D.; Kim, P.; Alvarenga, J.; Jin, K.; Aizenberg, J.; Bechthold, M., “Dynamic daylight control system implementing thin cast arrays of polydimethylsiloxane-based millimeter-scale transparent louvers”, Build. Environ. 2014, 82, 87-96. 


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Kim, P.; Wong, T. S.; Alvarenga, J.; Kreder, M. J.; Adorno-Martinez, W. E.; Aizenberg, J., “Liquid-Infused Nanostructured Surfaces with Extreme Anti-Ice and Anti-Frost Performance”, ACS Nano 2012, 6 (8), 6569-6577.


He X, Aizenberg M, Kuksenok O, Zarzar LD, Shastri A, Balazs AC, Aizenberg J. Synthetic Homeostatic Materials with Chemo-Mechano-Chemical Self-Regulation. Nature. 2012;487 :214-218.

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Chemistry & Chemical Biology



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