Jody Freeman

Jody Freeman

Archibald Cox Professor of Law
Director, Environmental and Energy Law Program
Jody Freeman

Research Interests

Administrative law; environmental law; governance theory; natural resource law; privatization; regulation

Related Publications

The Limits of Executive Power: The Obama-Trump Transition (2018)

The Uncomfortable Convergence of Energy and Environmental Law (2017)

A Critical Look at "The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels" (2015)

Why I Worry About UARG (2015)

Climate Regulation Under the Clean Air Act in the Wake of Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA (2015)

Old Statutes, New Problems (2014)

Climate and Energy Policy in the Obama Administration (2012)

Agency Coordination in Shared Regulatory Space (2012)

The Obama Administration's National Auto Policy: Lessons from the "Car Deal" (2011)

Climate Change and U.S. Interests: Reply to Responses (2011)

Climate Change and U.S. Interests (2009)

Timing and Form of Federal Regulation: The Case of Climate Change (2007)

Massachusetts v. EPA: From Politics to Expertise (2007)

Moving to Markets in Environmental Regulation, Lessons after Twenty Years of Experience (2006)

Modular Environmental Regulation (2005)

The Story of Chevron: Environmental Law and Administrative Discretion (2005)

Environmental Courses

HLS 2074: Environmental Law



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