Joost Vlassak

Joost Vlassak

Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Materials Engineering
Joost Vlassak

Research Interests

Mechanical behavior of thin metal films; the effect of environmental species on the adhesion and delamination of multilayered structures containing low-k dielectrics.

Related Publications

Quantitative Interfacial Energy Measurements of Adhesion-Promoted Thin Copper Films by Supercritical Fluid Deposition on Barrier Layers. (2010)

Fracture of organosilicate glass thin films: environmental effects. (2005)

Heteroepitaxial Nucleation and Oriented Growth of Manganese Oxide Islands on Carbonate Minerals under Aqueous Conditions. (2005)

Environmental effects on subcritical delamination of dielectric and metal films from organosilicate glass (osg) thin films. (2003)


Center for Nanoscale Systems


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